Wynters Wramblin's

Wynters Wramblin's is the name of the annual Christmas (or New Year's letter, if I'm late) that I publish and send to family and friends. I've missed a year here and there, so somehow the name just seems fitting for my blog. I hope that friends and family will visit here often and ENJOY!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Winters’ Wramblin’s ~ Christmas 2009

Christmas is eternal like the love that gave it birth~ like the love that touches others as it reaches ‘round the earth. SOURCE: http://www.crosswalk.com/finances/11597371/ Dear Family & Friends, If I don‘t write NOW, I may not get this mailed until after New Year‘s! WHAT a year this has been! Several major events make 2009 a year to remember! I intended to continue with projects left over at the end of 2008, but other things came up that claimed my priorities… The BIG personal project was my 50th Anniversary REUNION for my Greenleaf Friends Academy Class of ‘59. Monumental family events include Dustin’s 18th birthday in Feb, and Jessica’s 16th birthday in Mar, Dustin’s high school graduation in May ... Dustin’s enlistment into the Army in September and training at Ft Benning GA. ... Dustin will be home Dec 17, through Christmas and New Years, then heads for Ft Carson CO where he is to remain for one year of additional training before his next assignment. ... The Big Event—my class reunion—was my Last Big Hurrah! It was a lot of work, and I still haven’t fully recovered from the energy expended and the excitement of the event… I’m NOT the ‘mothering’ type, but I almost felt like the old mother hen who had her chicks gathered around for a couple of days! Yikes! I still have ‘loose ends’ to take care of… can’t quite seem to pull it all together to wrap it all up! ... LOOKING AHEAD: Want to get back to WRITING… mostly unfinished projects… Will keep trying to ‘Catch Up With Myself’ … Always (every year!) working on health issues, and general health improvement. This is how I ended my Christmas 2007 letter, and it seems even MORE appropriate for 2008: Another year in history is quickly coming to a close! Another year closer to the return of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, whether by the Rapture or by our transition from life on this earth as we know it to live forever in eternity! … What a sobering reminder that we need to be ready! “No one knows the day nor the hour…” And I might add, nor the WAY in which our time will end. Are we ready? Be ready! This time of year I’m terribly MISSING Kevin in Alaska… Kevin and Tanner, his golden lab… I have no idea WHEN I’ll go back up there, but it will be at the first opportunity! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! With love,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Winters’ Wramblin’s ~ Christmas 2008

Winters’ Wramblin’s ~ Christmas 2008

Dear Family & Friends,

Another year—this one especially turbulent in politics—is wrapping up with our Christmas season, a beautiful distraction from those other events! The Year of our Lord, two-thousand eight is nearly over. What a journey it has been!

Planning to use 2008 for personal projects, I began about a year ago by resigning from (or drop-out of) my extra-curricular activities. I wrapped up that process in March and, except for playing piano every Sunday morning at my church, my time has wonderfully been much my own.

I participated several weeks (May-July) in a Writing Your LifeStory class that met mid-day in Meridian with about a dozen other seniors. The interesting class provided momentum for me to get back into my own life story begun 20-some years ago… Still, here it is the end of the year and I haven’t accomplished all that I set out to do! Not that I have lost any sleep over it, but this project (and a couple of others) will simply extend into 2009. I would love to complete those before returning to other activities. We’ll see!

Summer was great! In June, Judi and I attended our Andrews Cousins’ Reunion at Pacific City, Oregon. Lee & Nita were there, too, and Tami and children came for a couple of days. Everything was just right! When we returned, we attended the 100th anniversary celebration festivities for the high school all five of us kids attended/graduated—Greenleaf Friends Academy at Greenleaf, Idaho. It was another wonderful time to reconnect with former classmates, school chums, and see many folks from our growing-up days! To my great comfort, July was NOT as HOT as 2007, and our autumn was positively spectacular! I probably haven’t had three months of glorious AUTUMN since I left Idaho in the late 1960’s… Not wanting to lead you astray, ALL Idaho autumns are not as great as the one we just enjoyed!

The biggest, best wonder of my year was getting Katie, a one-year-old mini schnauzer, from my neighbor‘s daughter who was moving and couldn‘t keep her. I had been thinking of getting a little companion for Buddy, but what happened was an amazing twist of fate! Katie was placed in my arms on Kasey’s (1988) birthday—May 3, which still gives me goose bumps to consider! The next day, May 4, as we [Miss Jess, Katie & Buddy, and I] were gassing up the car, we met some folks who were looking for a dog like Buddy! They live on a 200-acre ranch south of Nampa, and the Mr. had been searching for a companion dog. To make a long story short, Buddy went with them, to ‘try out’ and he never looked back! I talked with Lamont on the phone several times, finally met him to pass on Buddy’s UKC registration paperwork, and I got to see Buddy again, too. What a GREAT MATCH! I’m just amazed how smoothly God worked out circumstances for this arrangement, although it should not surprise me! Life on the ranch is FAR more appealing for a Rat Terrier than life in a senior retirement park… Still, I deeply loved that dog and I MISS him!

This time of year I’m terribly MISSING Kevin in Alaska… Kevin and Tanner, his golden lab… I have no idea WHEN I’ll go back up there, but it will be at the first opportunity!

Dustin (a senior) was chosen by his instructor and classmates in his Auto-body vocational studies at Nampa High School, to be Parliamentarian, as well as a participant, in the Skills USA competition in Spring 2009. It’s a really big deal, and I hope that I can attend as a spectator! Dustin has also joined the Delayed Entry program into the military (Army) and will be headed out to Ft Benning for basic training in mid-June about two weeks after his high school graduation. His testing scores were all high enough that he gets his choice of service… right now (still subject to change) he’s going into ‘The Airborne’—Rangers or Special Forces.

Jessica is a sophomore this year… She’s still my sweetheart, the light of my life, and I thank God that He so richly blessed us with that girl! Derryl is doing fine. His hands are full with two teens, but his life will change as the kids grow up and leave home! He will be ‘empty-nesting’ before he knows it!

Our Idaho Winters family gets together periodically for various occasions—birthdays, holidays, etc. One big event in September was a fund raiser for Donna Cooke‘s kidney/pancreas transplant. Some may remember that Donna is my sis-in-law Esther’s daughter, and Derryl’s cousin who is two years older than he. Donna has had Type 1 diabetes for years, and has been on nightly dialysis for awhile. What a gal— Pleasant, never complaining, ambitious, a hard worker—you’d never know to see her how much she has endured! Much loved by family and friends, our prayers are with Donna!

* Our Class of ‘59 will celebrate a 50th reunion in 2009, the Lord willing.
* I am partnering with several organizations to be somewhat more involved in political awareness activities. [Grassfire.org / PresidentialPrayerTeam.org / AmericanFamilyAssociation.org / OurAmericanValues.org (Gary Bauer) / TeamSarah.org / NationalRepublicanTrust PAC/ ConservativeActionAlerts/ ACLJ.org (Jay Sekulow) and possibly others…]
* Always (every year!)working on health issues, and general health improvement.

That’s about all I can handle, I’m sure, without spreading myself thin, as I did in 2007!

This is how I ended my Christmas 2007 letter, and it seems even MORE appropriate for 2008:
Another year in history is quickly coming to a close! Another year closer to the return of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, whether by the Rapture or by our transition from life on this earth as we know it to live forever in eternity! … What a sobering reminder that we need to be ready! “No one knows the day nor the hour…” And I might add, nor the WAY in which our time will end. Are we ready? Be ready!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

With love,

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dropping off the Edge of the Earth??

Whoa! It's been a long time, and I have no excuse except that I'm on a slow dial-up connection that is driving me crazy, interfering with the work I'd love to be doing on the computer.

There has certainly been PLENTY going on!
* I attended a cousin's reunion on the Oregon coast in late June...
* Had a great summer... not so HOT as July 2007! "Thank You, Lord!"
* Enjoying my little Katie girl so much! She keeps me going, for sure!
* Lots of puttering around home--one of my favorite ways to spend time!
* Enjoying a beautiful Autumn season!
* Etc. Etc. Etc.

Will be back more often; I promise!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joining Woman Challenge 2008...

I've been a SparkPeople.com member since November. This has been a wonderful place to track my diet, exercise, and get INSPIRATION for the challenges of becoming fit & healthy! I learned of the Woman Challenge 2008 through SparkPeople.com, and have decided to join it.

Here is the link to the Woman Challenge 2008:
You register, and pick a virtual route--I chose the Rocky Mountain trail. Then you log in your exercise. It seems this Challenge will fit my current physical condition and needs to simply GET MOVING! It's for girls and woman age 9 and up. It lasts 8 weeks, beginning on Mother's Day. You can make it a year-around event, if you chose to do so!

I lost a nice little pedometer that my sis Judi gave me, one that she got through AARP, and I'm just SICK about that! I'll need to buy another one, and I plan to get one from Target that my other sis recommends... More on that later!

This will be a spot where I blog about this trip... Let's hope I can keep it up better than I've [NOT!] been doing these many months!

"...physical training is of some value, but GODLINESS has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." ~ 1 Timothy 4:8 (NIV)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet "Buddy" \o/

Here's an email I wrote to family and friends to announce my adoption of Buddy on Sep 1, 2007:


Buddy is a UKC registered (standard) Rat Terrier, 23#, a BEAUTIFUL, healthy 4-year old. Already housebroken, Buddy has ALL the features I was looking for in my choice of dogs for this time in my life. We have bonded quickly! He's white with many black spots and bit of tan here and there on his head/face, a handsome young fellow!

Buddy is a bit larger than my mini-schnauzer, Kasey (1988-2001), who was 18#-20#, but he 'feels' a lot the same--for example, he's a 'little boy' not a small fluffy baby... so I won't be carrying him around, tucked under my arm, wrapped in a baby blankie!

Buddy belonged to a young man who has gone into the Job Corp. The rest of his family who live in Emmett are busy with other critters [horses, raising Toy Rat Terriers... We saw goats, cats, etc., a tidy clean place, and all animals well-cared for] and this little dog needed a person to give him lots of love and attention... that person has turned out to be ME!

The Rat Terrier breed caught my attention about three years ago when I first went to Florida and we were looking for a dog for Miss Jess, but I never DREAMED I'd ever have one! Isn't it interesting how these things work out? I've been interested in Fox Terriers for many years and always WANTED one! These are closely related and, in many ways, the Rat Terrier breed is more suited to me at this stage of my life! I'm so happy to have an adult dog that is fitting right into my home, schedule, etc., without a bunch of puppy-training to do! :) I love intelligence in my men and my dogs, and he's certainly intelligent and a gentleman!! :)

Here's an excellent website, if you're interested, on the breed: http://www.ratterrierclub.com/

Love, Linda/Lyn/Sis/Mom/Nana/Cousin/ETC...

PS I wrote the above on Sunday, Sep 2, and it is now Friday, Sep 14... We've run into a serious snag with this precious little guy, but I'm committed to keep him! Buddy suffers from Separation Anxiety, a 'panic attack' type of thing, NOT a behavioral issue. I have read up on it, with specific steps to follow, and we're working on the problem! Hopefully we will have it solved soon so that we can live a peaceful, happy life together and I won't be totally confined to home! Although I wouldn't complain (for awhile) if that has to be! Ha! We're gonna make it!!! :)

His disorder seems to be rather mild, in comparision to some I've read about. Hey! I look at it as better than trying to housebreak a new puppy, and putting up with the chewing, puppy stage! Buddy is so well-behaved and appears to have had excellent training; he's just going through some trauma during this big change in his life! Or maybe that's WHY the family was anxious to find a new home for him??

UPDATE: Jan 25, 2008 ~ Buddy is doing well! He obediently goes into his kennel/carrier when I am at church, shopping, etc. I don't leave him alone any longer than an hour or so, and he's doing better and better, realizing that I WILL 'be back' ... Buddy is definately a KEEPER!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause!"

[NOTE: This was an email I sent to my brother, sisters, and sons...]

**WARNING: This is not a 'theologically correct' title/story...**

I got a call yesterday from my pastor telling me, "Santa needs your car" ... (then, "I'll come by and get it, and leave my truck for you, in case you need it.") I didn't have a clue, but was afraid to ask too many questions! It isn't usual that churches practice "PimpMyRide" [referring to the popular TV show]

This afternoon we made the switch, and he brought it back with FOUR NEW TIRES!!! Whoa! Pastor was just the 'middle-man' and said that the lay-people in the church did this for me!

Wow!! Isn't that cool?? I had a screw in a tire a couple of Sundays ago, and a couple of the guys changed it after church, put on my spare, aired it up, which got me back to town. Since Les Schwab is closed on Sundays, I had the tire repaired a couple of days later... I had a nail in another tire probably 10 days before! Well, I know that NEW tires don't prevent nail/screws, etc. from flats, but I guess when these guys saw my tires, they decided it would be a GOOD thing for their music lady to have all new tires! Oh, it was a GIFT, too, that Les Schwab didn't charge for the two previous repairs!!!

Now, Derryl is looking for a good deal on an alternator for me, and I'll be GoodAsNew again! :)

Thought I'd pass on this warm little story on while I am thanking God for His provision that I didn't even know I needed! :)

Love, Linda

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winters’ Wramblin’s ~ Christmas 2007

left: Miss Jess Mar 2007 / right: Miss Jess Oct 2007

Dear Family & Friends,

WHAT a year! Starting with grandiose plans & ideas, snowballing into a frantic frenzy, and ending in a (not-quite) feeble fizzle! Too much excitement, too many interests, taking too much time and energy, not allowing for life’s interferences--what more can I say? Not realizing until too late…that I had spread-myself-too-thin! It didn’t happen overnight, and I’m not getting out of it overnight…

Those of you who are not dog-lovers will NOT understand this, but I’m going to share it anyway since this is MY letter! I lost my sweet little SophiaSnowflakeWinters in April. Sophi had been my furry companion for more than 12 years. I cried all summer, but it was too hot to even THINK about getting another dog because of the period of adjustment required. I was busy, and she would have had to stay home alone [too hot for car], so I just kept crying… Finally, the first of August, I started LOOKING, checking into available small dogs for rescue, ones that didn’t require constant grooming. Discovered several breeds that interested me! Missed out on several precious little darlings that went to other homes before my inquiry… Then, I learned of a little guy in Emmett that needed a new person--his boy left for the Job Corp. A pure-bred UKC registered Rat Terrier that I named Buddy was available -- right time, right place, right terms, and my crying stopped! I got him, thinking of Kasey, my mini-schnauzer from 1988-2001... Buddy is a handsome fellow, and is perfect for me at this time in my life in almost every way! One tiny problem (it’s actually HUGE!), is that Buddy suffers from Anxiety Separation, a NEW dog experience for me, forcing me to make major adjustments and changes! However, these were changes that needed to be made anyway, so it’s interesting that things worked out forcing my hand! I’m writing another chapter for my LifeStory: Lessons From A Dog. He’s much improved, and we’re doing great--he’s a KEEPER! Funny, funny dog!

Another 2007 highlight is that I began attending Franklin Community Church last spring to play piano, a paid position. The church is a mix of wonderful folks from an assortment of denominations, which I’m happy to say is not an issue! Most are from the farming community, where my mother started teaching school back in the early 1950’s! In fact, that old brick school building sits several hundred feet down the highway from the church! Good solid Bible teaching here… FCC celebrated their 100th Anniversary last year! The building sits on a knoll surrounded by farmland, a picturesque, postcard-perfect little country church. The building is clapboard construction, white with beautiful stained glass windows throughout and a spire that reaches toward the heavens! In addition to traditional hymns for congregational singing, I work up an offertory each week. It stretches me, and that’s good! Otherwise, I may not keep up piano as I’d like! I’m happy there!

Derryl, Dustin & Jessica are doing great here! This was a GOOD move for all of us! I live across town from them, and days go by without seeing them, but I’m still at times involved driving TAXI for the kids! Dustin will be 17 in Feb, and Jess will be 15 in Mar… Both are beautiful, delightful young people!

The latest news here is that my ex, Derryl’s & Kevin’s father, suffered a stroke on Dec 13. He was admitted to the hospital immediately, which is good--it’s too early (as I write) to know his prognosis, but we are hoping and praying for his full recovery! I’ve emailed some of you about this, and will update as we learn more.

Another year in history is quickly coming to a close! Another year closer to the return of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, whether by the Rapture or by our transition from life on this earth as we know it to live forever in eternity! A Moment of Silence for friends who passed on this year: Richard Swarner, Nita Metcalf, Tim Lee and Warren Enzler, all Alaska friends. What a sobering reminder that we need to be ready! “No one knows the day nor the hour…” And I might add, nor the WAY in which our time will end. I need to be READY, and so do you!

Concerning this blog, I plan to keep it up better in 2008 than I have in 2007! Thanks for your patience! Remember the little pin we used to wear in the 1960's or '70's: “PBPGINFWMY” ?? {=PleaseBePatientGodIsNotFinishedWithMeYet}

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
With love, Linda / ‘Lyn’